Reflecting on a Momentous Year in Genomic Medicine

Posted by Lisa Alderson

2021 was a pivotal year for advances in genomic medicine. Our industry at large is primed with new testing capabilities and novel therapeutics on the brink of entering the market – now is the time to deliver expanded availability of genomic medicine for all.

Widespread awareness of how genomic medicine improves health care has expanded exponentially in the last year. As the pandemic continued to spread, so did news coverage of genomic sequencing of the Coronavirus. The general public now understands how genomic medicine helps researchers map and track the spread of Covid-19 and its ongoing mutations. Molecular epidemiology will continue to be important in monitoring public health.

The pandemic also accelerated the adoption of telehealth and other virtual care delivery models for all types of health care, including genetic services. Patients discovered benefits of virtual care, such as safety, convenience, efficiency and increased access to specialty care. A recent study of digital health care adoption by Rock Health found that patients are unlikely to reverse course. Seventy-three percent of respondents to its Annual Digital Health Consumer Adoption Survey said they expect to use telehealth at the same rate or more in the future.

Genome Medical has been at the forefront of these advances, trailblazing the path toward a world where everyone has access to genetic medicine.

In August, we acquired GeneMatters, an industry-leading telehealth genetic counseling and software solutions company. Simultaneously, we announced the closing of a $60 million Series C financing to accelerate commercial traction and advance our mission of giving people the power to personalize their health through genomic insight. The funding is helping us continue the build out of our full suite of physician services, test ordering capabilities, genetic counseling, and guidelines-based care plans to ensure comprehensive, seamless care for patients. It’s also assisting the development of our configurable technology solutions that can serve as the foundation of new innovative genomic medicine programs.

Together, these milestones have solidified our position as the preeminent technology-enabled provider of genetic health services and genomic care in the country. They have also propelled us into the next phase of commercial growth. As one unified team, Genome Medical has never been stronger.

In 2021 alone, Genome Medical partnered with more than 30 health systems and reached in-network status with health plans covering more than 150 million Americans. We serve most of the top molecular diagnostic testing labs and several biopharma partners. Genome Medical and its division GeneMatters have now provided more than 75,000 patient encounters!

Our position in the market continues to be supported by a world-class investor syndicate that believes in our ability to transform the delivery of health care for patients all around the country. There is still much to be done before we can ensure all patients with need have access to our care. I am looking forward to another year that delivers on the promise of genomic medicine.

The Genome Medical team deserves recognition for all the meaningful work we have done over the last year to advance our mission and drive improved quality and cost of care by giving people the power to personalize their health through access to genomic medicine.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2022.

Lisa Alderson


Co-founder and CEO
Genome Medical 

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