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Lisa Alderson @ Genome Medical - The Future of Genomics by The #PopHealth Show (Podcast)

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What is a Genome?

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Population Health Study Goes Statewide As University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Serves As Host Site For Enrollment Of 25,000 More Nevadans

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How Accurate is Genetic Testing?

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FH Foundation Expands FIND FH® to Speed Diagnosis of Individuals with Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

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Renown Health and Genome Medical Partner to Bring Genetic Counseling and Educational Services to Patients for End-to-End Genetic Testing Support

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PerkinElmer Genomics Introduces Physician-Ordered Genetic Screening Test for Proactive Health Management

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Open the Door and See Who Comes In: Who Self-Refers to Telegenetics Services?

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The Genomics Resource Center: A Novel, Employer-based Medical Genetics Service

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Genetic Screening for Population Health Is Becoming a Reality

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