How Accurate Is Genetic Testing?

By Caitlin O’Brien, Genome Medical Genetic Counseling Intern 

Did you know that testing for genetic diseases has been around since as early as the 1950’s? (1) It has been quite an evolution since then. In the early years, testing rarely actually looked at your genes (more often tests were done to look for substances that accumulated in the body due to a genetic disease). Fast-forward 69 years and we can now look at the entire genome (all 20,000 genes) in just a few days or few weeks, for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. You might think this is not such a big accomplishment—after all, 69 years is a long time—but it was only 16 years ago that scientists completed sequencing the first human genome, after spending 13 years and 2.7 billion dollars. Since then, genetic testing has exploded, with over 12 million tests being sold as of 2018.

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    DNA Disruption: What Genomics Needs Next 

    Posted November 8, 2018

    Join Lisa Alderson and Ananya Chadha to chat about genomics. Incumbent meets incoming in this deep dive look at what's fuelling the fires of genomic development. What does the former predict for a future beyond her own and what can the latter learn from the lessons of the industry's predecessors?

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    Cigna Using Telegenomics Services From Genome Medical

    Posted October 31, 2018

    NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) -- Telegenomics technology company Genome Medical has begun providing genetic counseling services for insurer Cigna as of Oct. 1, 2018.

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    The Future Is Now: Technology's Impact on the Practice of Genetic Counseling

    Posted March 7, 2018

    By Erynn S. Gordon, Deepti Babu, and Dawn A. Laney

    Smartphones, artificial intelligence, automation, digital communication, and other types of technology are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. It is no surprise that technology is also shaping the practice of medicine, and more specifically the practice of genetic counseling.

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