Genome Medical Reaches 90 Million Covered Lives in U.S.

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Post on Nov. 19, 2020

Members of Insurance Plans Across the Country Now Have In-Network, Rapid Access to Genetic Counseling and Medical Geneticist Services to Improve Care

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – Genome Medical, a leading genomics technology, services and strategy company, announced today that its virtual genetic services are now available in-network to nearly 90 million people through payer contracts across the country. This accelerated availability of on-demand genetic expertise will expand the application of genome-enabled health care and precision medicine to benefit more patients.

As a nationwide telehealth medical practice, Genome Medical has assembled an extensive team of clinical genetic experts, including board-certified genetic counselors, medical geneticists and other specialists. This team delivers education, risk assessment, access to genetic testing and specialty care referrals -- all through virtual visits. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when two out of five Americans have avoided or delayed medical care1, access to safe virtual services is essential to ensure people at greatest risk are receiving the care they need. Genetic services support the diagnosis and care management of hereditary conditions and the identification of patients at an elevated risk for disease.

 Some of the largest payers in the United States are recognizing the critical role geneticists and genetic counselors play. Their members can now self-refer and get in-network access to Genome Medical’s genetic experts, and the payer’s contracted providers can also make in-network referrals for their patients.

The 90 million covered lives are across multiple payers, including (in part):

  • Cigna (national)
  • United Healthcare (California)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in eight states (Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington)
  • Kaiser Permanente Northwest
  • Priority Health
  • MultiPlan
  • Three Rivers Health

“Genome Medical brings together telemedicine and genomics to tackle the rising need for genetic experts to guide patients and providers in making appropriate decisions around 1) who should get genetic testing, 2) which test is optimal and 3) how clinical care should be changed based on test results,” said Steven B. Bleyl, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer of Genome Medical. “Patients can be seen sooner, and through telehealth, we extend the reach of genetic services to rural communities and underserved areas that have less access to in-person care. Genome Medical is a flexible and cost-effective solution for payers and their members.”

Genome Medical can see 85% of cancer patients more quickly than in a traditional clinic setting.2 And in areas like pediatric genetics, where wait times of six months or more for an appointment are common, Genome Medical’s growing clinical team can often see patients within a few days. The company’s genetic experts are licensed in all 50 states and provide clinical genetics expertise across six major specialty areas: cancer, reproductive health, proactive health, pediatrics/rare disease, pharmacogenomics and cardiovascular genetics. Genome Medical’s innovative services are trusted and utilized by health systems, hospitals, testing labs, payors, providers and employers.

Genome Medical is also committed to leveraging advanced technology-enabled solutions to transform the delivery of standard-of-care genetic health services. Beyond wider and accelerated access, the company’s technology delivers a 5.5X return on investment in genetic services, while also reducing the cost of care by up to 75 percent.3,4 Its Genome Care DeliveryTM platform creates an efficient and comprehensive experience, including patient engagement and care navigation, risk assessment, self-directed education and informed consent through the Genome Care NavigatorTM, multi-modality patient support, and peer-to-peer provider consultations.

“We are pleased to see health plan partners continue to expand in-network coverage for our genetic health services,” said Lisa Alderson, co-founder and CEO of Genome Medical. “It is estimated that tens of millions of patients in the United States meet medical management guidelines for referral to genetics, but most are still being missed. These patients could benefit from the advancements made in utilizing genomics for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Giving their members access to Genome Medical and telegenetics is a significant step payers are taking in removing historical barriers.”


About Genome Medical

Genome Medical is a national telegenomics technology, services and strategy company bringing genomic medicine to everyday care. Through our nationwide network of genetic specialists and efficient Genome Care DeliveryTM technology platform, we provide expert virtual genetic care for individuals and their families to improve health and well-being. We also help health care providers and their patients navigate the rapidly expanding field of genetics and utilize test results to understand the risk for disease, accelerate disease diagnosis, make informed treatment decisions and lower the cost of care. We are shepherding in a new era of genomic medicine by creating easy, efficient access to top genetic experts. Genome Medical is headquartered in South San Francisco. To learn more, visit and follow @GenomeMed.


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