Genome Medical Partners With No Stomach For Cancer To Increase Access To Personalized Genetic Care

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Genome Medical is pleased to be working with the advocacy organization No Stomach For Cancer to raise awareness about stomach cancer and expedite access to personalized genetic care -- including genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes associated with gastric cancer. 

Through this partnership, individuals can sign up for safe and secure telemedicine appointments to:

  • Meet with a genetic counselor to discuss their personal and/or family history of gastric cancer
  • Learn about the potential risks for themselves and their families -- up to 10% of stomach cancer cases are "familial" in origin, meaning that other family members are affected or have an increased risk1
  • Explore genetic testing options
  • Get help creating a care plan to share with health providers to increase the chance of detecting cancer early or, in some cases, review risk-reduction options

“Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer is a hereditary cancer syndrome that is not well appreciated in the medical community,” said Scott Weissman, MS, LCGC, director of Cancer Genetic Services at Genome Medical. "Identifying this condition in families that have gastric cancer can be life-saving -- by allowing for individualized cancer screening and risk-reduction options."

None of the most common direct-to-consumer genetic tests include genetic risks for stomach cancer in the genetic health risk reports. Even though stomach cancer is one of the deadliest cancers and the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, it is also an aggressive type of cancer that must be diagnosed early to improve outcomes. Yet, stomach cancer awareness is shockingly low, and it receives little media attention or research funding.

No Stomach For Cancer was founded in 2009 to change that, and November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month® in the United States, thanks to the organization's efforts. The organization is now leading Periwinkle Global, a campaign calling for increases in collaboration and advocacy by individuals, cancer organizations, research institutions, medical professionals, companies and philanthropists to participate in stomach cancer awareness and research funding worldwide.

“Unfortunately, most family practitioners lack the experience and knowledge of inherited risks for stomach cancer,” said Jon Florin, Executive Director of No Stomach For Cancer. “When a patient discusses stomach cancer symptoms and family history with their primary care physician, it is often dismissed as stress or anxiety. By partnering with Genome Medical, we are striving to overcome this problem, as well as reduce the misconceptions and fears people have about genetic testing's affordability, the sharing of one's genetic results, and its potential impact on life insurance and future health care costs.”

Start your genetic exploration, or to learn more about No Stomach For Cancer, visit



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