Genome Medical Launches Expert Network for Clinical Genetics

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Posted May 25, 2017

Genome Medical, Inc., announced today the launch of an independent network of clinical genomic experts, and is now offering genetic consultation services to patients and health care providers across the United States.

In addition, the company has secured Series A funding from leading health tech venture firms, including Canaan Partners, Illumina Ventures, HealthInvest Equity Partners and Flywheel Ventures. Canaan Partners led the financing.

"Genomics is the future of medicine," said Genome Medical CEO and co-founder Lisa Alderson. "But it will be a future unrealized unless we expand the systems and services to interpret genetic information and translate it into clinical care. Genome Medical is here as a trusted navigator to help guide the way and deliver actionable insights."

Alderson co-founded Genome Medical in 2016 with Randy Scott, PhD, executive chairman of Invitae, a leading genetic testing company, and Robert C. Green, MD, MPH. Dr. Green is a medical geneticist who directs the Genomes2People Research Program at Brigham and Women's Hospital, is an associate member of the Broad Institute and is professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

"Genomic medicine already has enormous potential to speed diagnosis, improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care," said Dr. Green, who chairs the company's Scientific Advisory Board. "Yet most physicians aren't adequately trained to use genetic information, and there are too few experts to meet the growing demand for test selection and test interpretation. Genome Medical was created to solve these access challenges."

Improving Access to Genetic Experts

Genome Medical delivers fast and convenient access to a national team of genetic experts, who provide services through a secure telehealth platform. Individuals can set up 1:1 consultations, with flexible scheduling options.

The company's genetic experts:

  • Assess personal and family medical history to determine the risk for a genetic disease, and help navigate the complex array of genetic testing options;
  • Explain and interpret genetic test results, including reports from physician-ordered tests and direct-to-consumer testing companies;
  • Provide guidance on genetic testing in reproductive health, proactive health and cancer susceptibility.

Genome Medical also works directly with individual physicians, medical groups, community hospitals, payers, testing labs and employer organizations interested in independent genetic consultation services.

Investor Support

"The Genome Medical team's vision and experience are unmatched. Their commitment to bringing genomic medicine into mainstream health care in a medically responsible way has the potential to transform the next chapter of medicine," said Stephen Bloch, general partner at Canaan.

The Series A financing included new investor Illumina Ventures as well as seed investors Canaan Partners, Flywheel Ventures and HealthInvest Equity Partners.

About Genome Medical

Genome Medical, Inc. is a network of clinical genetics experts integrating genomics into everyday health care. We enable patients and clinicians to navigate the rapidly evolving field of genomics to improve health, diagnose and prevent disease, and lower the cost of care. Our goal is to bridge the gap between genomic technology and medical practice by creating scalable, efficient models for lifelong genome-centered health care. To learn more, please visit or find us on Twitter @GenomeMed.

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