Genome Medical Joins Seven Bridges Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine and Improve Patient Care

Posted by Genome Medical

Genome Medical is honored to join a coalition of health care organizations supporting the Unified Patient Network (UPN), a newly-launched subsidiary of Seven Bridges Genomics. The UPN is an initiative that will advance medical science and identify the genetic roots of human health and disease by building an extensive database of de-identified clinical and genomic data for research purposes.

An exciting step forward in genomic medicine, the UPN will accelerate the clinical implementation of precision medicine for health systems via genomic sequencing and genetic counseling, research data assets and tools, collaborative interoperability, and a significant incremental funding stream.

Genome Medical’s role in the UPN is as a provider of genetic counseling, genetic testing services and virtual care delivery models that will enable UPN to scale.

“We are pleased that our genomic specialists and technology-enabled clinical support tools will expand access to the benefits of genomic science and medicine within the network,” said Lisa Alderson, CEO and co-founder of Genome Medical. “By helping patients and their clinicians better understand and interpret genomic data, health care can best meet the needs of individual patients.”

Read the full press release here.

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