Genome Medical Introduces Unique Service and Partners with Helix to Guide Consumers on the New Helix Marketplace

Posted by Genome Medical

Posted July 24, 2017

Genome Medical, a nationwide genetic medical practice, today announced the launch of "Genetic Navigator," a telemedicine service that offers consumers virtual access to a network of clinical genetic experts.

The service is available through a partnership with the personal genomics company Helix. Genetic Navigator is designed to guide and support consumers navigating Helix's newly launched marketplace for DNA-powered products.

When consumers begin browsing the product choices on Helix, they may have questions about which product to choose or have questions about their results. This is where Genome Medical comes in. The company's genetic experts can serve as trusted navigators to help find the right health product to meet the individual's need. And Genome Medical's Genetic Navigator is unique among the Helix partners -- it is the only expert consultation service linked directly to the marketplace.

Genome Medical can also help consumers move toward personalized healthcare by creating a clinical action plan that incorporates pertinent genetic findings into guidance for ongoing care.

"The Helix marketplace offers a unique way for individuals to explore their DNA and continue to gain genetic insights over a lifetime. Genome Medical is the ideal partner to provide personalized, clinical guidance on this journey," said Lisa Alderson, Genome Medical CEO and co-founder. "Our genetic experts first navigate individuals to the right test based on personal and family health history. We then help individuals realize the full potential of their genetic insights by integrating results from testing into recommended clinical care."

"Helix and Genome Medical have a shared mission to make genomics accessible and relevant to our everyday lives," said Justin Kao, SVP and co-founder of Helix. "By integrating expert genetic counseling services into our marketplace through our partnership with Genome Medical, we are ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of personal genomics. Together, Helix and Genome Medical will help people make informed choices about which products suit their needs and receive context and guidance to appropriately interpret their DNA results."

Genetic Navigator for Helix: How It Works

Genome Medical's Genetic Navigator service will be promoted on the Helix marketplace and will offer virtual access to professional clinical genetic experts.

  • For $149, individuals receive a confidential, one-on-one appointment with a genetic expert.
  • Appointments via phone or video can be scheduled online as soon as the next day, with a network of experts available across the country.
  • By collecting a short personal and family health history, the genetic experts offer personalized guidance.
  • A live chat is available for those with quick questions about testing or the Genetic Navigator service.

Visit to learn more. The Helix marketplace can be accessed at

About Genome Medical

Genome Medical, Inc. is a nationwide genomics medical practice. Our clinical genetics experts are dedicated to integrating genomics into everyday health care in order to improve health, accelerate disease diagnosis and lower the cost of care. We help both individuals and clinicians navigate the rapidly expanding field of genetic testing and use test results to make informed decisions. Genome Medical is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more, please visit or find us on Twitter @GenomeMed.

About Helix

Helix is a personal genomics company with a simple but powerful mission: to empower every person to improve their life through DNA. We've created the first marketplace for DNA-powered products where people can explore diverse and uniquely personalized products developed by high-quality partners. Helix handles sample collection, DNA sequencing, and secure data storage so that our partners can integrate DNA insights into products across a range of categories, including health, fitness, nutrition, entertainment, family, ancestry, and more. From profound insights to just-for-fun discoveries, Helix is here to help people live a fuller life. Helix is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has a CLIA- and CAP-accredited Next-Generation Sequencing lab in San Diego. Learn more at

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