Genome Medical Enters Employer Market with Diverse Genetic Health Programs and Wave of New Partners

Posted by Genome Medical

Posted May 7, 2018

Genome Medical, a leading provider of virtual genomics visits and educational services, today announced that Illumina, Counsyl and Invitae have enrolled in the company's newest programs designed for employers to offer genetic services and physician-guided genetic testing to their employees.

The customizable programs for employer groups were launched earlier this year. Unique to Illumina's global workforce is access to a Genomics Resource Center, where employees can discuss risk assessment, receive genomic tests and/or review results with a genetic specialist. These initiatives support Genome Medical's mission to bring genomic education and services to more people.

Employers are taking an increased interest in employee benefit packages that can lead to improved health and well-being. Genetic testing and educational services give employers a benefit that: increases knowledge of personal health and potential health risks; increases odds of early detection to prevent future health problems; decreases potential unnecessary treatment costs; and is secure and private.

The programs available through Genome Medical allow employers to facilitate access while remaining compliant with the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), by offering employees the opportunity to consult privately and confidentially with Genome Medical providers.

"Expanding our employee benefits to include genetic services and provide our global employee base with access to leading geneticists aligns with our vision to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome," said Pat Leckman, vice president of human resources at Illumina. "Through Genome Medical's employer offering, we are better able to empower our employees to take a proactive approach with their personal health and genomics journey."

Genome Medical is the first nationwide medical practice focused on genomic health care delivery and education. To accelerate the effective integration of genomics into everyday care delivery and advance the practice of precision medicine, Genome Medical is addressing three key areas: (1) identification of patients who can benefit from genomic services based on clinical guidelines; (2) recommendation of which genetic tests to order based on insurance coverage; and (3) interpretation of test results so they can be integrated into patient care. Through the company's online platform, participants will receive direct and streamlined access to top genetic experts who can help them navigate their genetic journey.

"Genome Medical's employee screening program gives our employees improved access to carrier screening and hereditary cancer screening," said Peter Soparkar, head of people at Counsyl. "Our employees are our driving force and we deeply value their health and well-being. Genome Medical has the resources and experience necessary to guide them throughout their genetic testing experience, providing the information and support they need."

"Invitae is aggregating the world's genetic tests into a single service to bring genetic information into mainstream medical care. Through Genome Medical, we can offer confidential access to genetic testing to our fast-growing team, which works each day to help make genetic-based healthcare more accessible," said Alex Furman, co-founder and head of organizational development at Invitae. "We have a world-class team, and we want to be sure they have access to world-class, genetic-based health care. Genome Medical helps us do that."

"We're encouraged by the number of employers that are interested in incorporating genetic testing and genomic care into their employee benefit packages to capitalize on one of the most powerful health care advancements of the modern era," said Lisa Alderson, co-founder and CEO, Genome Medical. "For life-threatening diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, genomic care plays an important role in early detection, prevention, and disease management."

Added Alderson, "We believe that genomic services, like the ones we provide, will be a part of standard medical care in the foreseeable future, and we see employers as leading the way."

All of Genome Medical's employer group services are available online, including a full-service resource center that offers direct access to the company's team of genetic experts; genetic consultations by video or phone; and live or on-demand educational webinars to efficiently address employee questions and provide the education necessary for informed consent for testing.

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