Reflecting on the first five, looking ahead to the next five and beyond


In celebration of Genome Medical’s five-year anniversary, my co-founders (Randy Scott, PhD, and Robert Green, MD MPH) and I reflect on the progress Genome Medical has made since 2016. That’s when the three of us first came together around the common belief that genomics will change health care for everyone. We have long seen the vast potential for molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine to improve clinical care, and quickly realized the glaring shortage of genetic specialists and the growing clinical care gap stood in the way of this future. This is the challenge we are working to overcome to make genomic-based medicine more accessible for all. 

Five years on, we have stayed true to our mission -- meaning, as we envisaged, it is Genome Medical’s unique, combined application of virtual care, digital health and genetic expertise that is the market-leading solution to the gap we identified. We are providing genomic insights as a service to harness the power of personalized medicine. One major step toward this is reaching the milestone of having more than 100 million covered lives -- meaning almost one-third of the United States has access to our services as part of their health care coverage.  

I’m proud of how far Genome Medical has come -- how we have grown and adapted to meet customer and patient needs, all supported by the incredible team we have built. We are now more than 100 employees, and working together, we provide genetic health services for thousands of patients every month and support more than 7,000 inheritable conditions.

I am excited and optimistic about what’s ahead for Genome Medical in the next five years. We’ve started this journey by spearheading a dramatic expansion in access to genomic health care and by doing so, accelerating the appropriate adoption of genomic-based medicine. We are now investing in an expansion of our technology platform to make the delivery of genetic services more efficient, and to take a leading role in guiding the strategic application of such services within large populations. At our core, we are a medical company who puts the needs of each individual first. It is through this commitment that we will continuously strive to give people the power to personalize their health. We are creating a world where genomic insights are integrated into health and well-being for all.

Lisa Alderson


Co-founder and CEO
Genome Medical 

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